Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Have you noticed how when Jesus walked among the people he knew what the Father was doing often times by just noticing people around him? He kept things very simple like when walking by a blind man named Bartimeus and heard the man shouting and shouting and shouting the words "Oh Son Of David...". Jesus was like, yep that's the guy! This simplicity of being aware, I believe is a great indicator of the model Jesus was showing us. The lifestyle of Christ was consistent in this that He stopped for the one in his environment. I haven't read of a time where Jesus is sitting somewhere psyching himself up thinking "alright, alright, I can do this....I'm going to go over and talk to that person over there!" In simply knowing who he was in the Father there was a true freedom to bring the kingdom wherever he was in the present moment. Moving freely in His true identity compelled Him to make statements like this one "fear not, little flock for it is YOUR FATHER's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."-Luke 12:32 What an amazing promise for us from the lips of Jesus!

This was an incredible reminder to me while with my friend Sean the other night. I had just got home around 8pm from a fun Sunday afternoon with the family when I realized my I-pad had been left across town at the restaurant. On my way out of the house to drive back to the restaurant I called Sean to see if he was in the area. Sean is an amazingly humble guy with a testimony that borders on the unbelievable. He was so I picked him up to ride along. The waitress who had served my family was kind, but I sensed in my spirit that God had something great to say to her. This was why I called my friend Sean to ride along. We both anticipated the Holy Spirit was up to something. When we arrived the waitress (who I will refer to as Julie) was waiting there with the I-Pad. Julie was shocked when I told her what my sense was from the Lord, basically letting her know that He saw her, and cherished her, and sent me all the way back from my side of town just to tell her. She expressed much gratitude and her eyes lit up with a new countenance. Sean and I walked out and began asking the Lord if there was anyone else He wanted us to serve on the way back to my side of town. As we were driving Sean said "pull into Walmart." We walked into the front doors and passed 5 teenagers. Sean turned around and courageously said "Hey, how you all doing?" When they said they were fine, Sean continued, "So do you have any spiritual beliefs?" They all said Christian and that they had just got out of  a youth group event. Inquiring a bit more he asked them how they came to have their faith, and they all responded that it was through their parents. All of them were intrigued as Sean shared a little info about his story and then Holy Spirit showed me his encouraging heart beat over one of them. I took the risk and shared the encouragement. The teens stood stunned as they realized God was loving them all in a powerful new way. After a few short minutes Holy Spirit had shared the loving heart of Jesus and the Father over these five future world changers. Three of them stood there in the entrance of Walmart with tears of joy and healing pouring off their face, wile the other two beamed with smiles from ear to ear supporting their friends. We finished by praying over them. Stopping for a bunch of young adults at 9pm in a Walmart the Holy Spirit just brings love and encouragement as we took a risk. We knew nothing about them but Jesus knows everything about them and wants them to know one thing; He is crazy about them! And He has a perfect plan for them. The next morning I received these words in an email "Hey my name is Daniel. You talked to me today at Walmart. I just wanted to say thank you for  praying for me and I really needed it and it's something that was life changing and I won't forget it. Praise God!"

These incredible moments continued for another hour and a half as we both just stayed present in the moment as we made our way back to where Sean had parked his car. We walked through the store for a few minutes and I watched as Sean stopped for someone that the Holy Spirit guided him too. For ten minutes this complete stranger listened to him share a quick testimony of Jesus changing his life. It was amazing to see their gratitude toward him noticing them and where they were at in life.
On the way out of the store in the parking lot there were very few cars but one parked right next to us with a young gentleman standing outside his car with a peaceful demeanor. Immediately it became evident the Father was doing something so we said hi, and Sean shared his story quickly which was well received. The young man felt encouraged and told us he was from California right near where I was born! The Holy Spirit prompted me to ask his name and when I did there was  a strong sense of what I was to share with him. It came down to that the gentleman just needed an assurance that Jesus was wanting a personal relationship with him and that it wasn't about anything he had to "do" to earn it. Amazing! We prayed over his life right there in the parking lot! All of this just going about heading home.

We pulled up to where we had parked Sean's car and sat there for a minute pondering with gratitude how Jesus let us hang out with him for the night when a Native American man approached us. We realized he had a giant lion head on his shirt and Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, so we engaged him. This man like the others was amazed that we would share God's heart for him. Through his tears of joy he allowed us to pray for his future, and over his injured wrist. We were saying our goodbyes for the night with no one around us that we could see when all of a sudden three young adults approached us. They asked if they could make a phone call with our cell phone. I felt prompted to ask their situation and they said they had been evicted form their apartment and were trying to get back to a parents house down town. These youth looked very clean and sober for that time of night. Just in a challenging situation in life we felt like we should give them a ride. They were grateful. As they got in the car I asked them how they felt they could trust us to take them. To our surprise they saw us praying for the Native American man from down the block and figured if we were willing to pray for a stranger we might be able to help them! Our night was continuing on as we drove them down to their family. During the drive Sean felt led to make sure they ate. This opened them up to share more with us and of course Sean new very well the inner city area of town where they were headed. Prayer and encouraging, specific words over their lives ensued before we dropped them off.

I had to chuckle on the way home as we recapped that the night began just going to pick up an I-pad that I left across town. There was no waiting to hear a word from the Father all day long or check list I went down to prepare for all that happened that night. Posturing our souls to listen to our Spirit and obey the Holy Spirit in possible uncomfort was all it took for event after event to break out. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing and yet He accomplished so much in three years books can not contain it all according to the apostle John. The Father has an adventure and assignment of love every day for you.  Have you noticed the person in front of you or the situation around you? Maybe Jesus is asking you to participate with Him. Maybe, the Father is showing you what He is up to. Maybe He even wants to give you the Kingdom to give away. What might happen when you respond?

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