Friday, June 13, 2014


"Father what's your heart beat, for the next person I meet?"

This first lyric from the song "Stop For The One" sums up my  vision behind this new album. In this post I wanted to share the meaning and stories behind some of the new songs.

This project was born out of doing just that; stopping for the one in front of me. I was walking through the airport in Oklahoma City one day and had a lay over. My desire was to sit down with my guitar and write a song that was brewing on my heart about going home to see my beloved Carla and 3 boys. I sat next to a mom and her son, and they engaged me as I played. As I stopped and took the time to listen to their story they shared that the son had to make this trip frequently to another state to see his biological father. It was hard on the mom to constantly send her son on this trip. I encouraged her in the Lord and prayed for her and her son. While on the plane I finished the song Oklahoma City, and this entire album was born.

Another song that I am frequently asked about is "Wondering Why". My friend spent some time in Africa 2 years ago and shortly after I went to serve in Guyana, South America. Both of these locations are very similar in culture, and poverty. One day he shared many of his stories about his trip and my heart was moved. After coming back from my own trip those stories made even more sense as my compassion began to grow and grow for the marginalized people groups of the world. I pondered and pondered inquiring of the Lord why my own personal time always seemed to be more about me thinking of myself than others. In this process God changed my heart and made it tender to a level I never imagined. This song was born out of that pondering.

Writing this new album has taken me through 7 different states in America, and South America. Yet it has served to remind me that whatever land I may find myself in, that the person in front of me is who God is asking me to serve. I remain so grateful to Jesus that He modeled this so well, mercifully stopping personally for me.

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