Friday, September 5, 2014


One thing that continues to amaze me in this life is how God can use anyone at anytime to fulfill His will. It's never too late for God to call on us. Some of you may know, but most of you aren't aware that I used to be a baseball player and coach. I had devoted my life to it at the early age of nine. It was an obsession from the first catch of the ball (even though the first catch was off my forehead). From nine to twenty one years old there were very few moments I wasn't practicing or thinking about improving at the sport. At night dreams of playing in college and championships saturated my mind.

After much success and playing in college for a bit, I still strove to continue in the sport and found myself creating a baseball instructional school that was successful for many years...Praise God! However, as passionate as I was about it all there still seemed to be a void in my life. There was a bigger and different calling still stirring in me that could not be shaken out. Have you ever felt that way, like there is a calling bigger than you, stirring deep, that there is something you are to pursue in complete dependence that God will open the doors and give you the courage and strength to accomplish it? That's how music ministry was birthed in my spirit.

The desire to lead worship and write music was always a resounding theme in my heart in different ways, but if someone had said that is what I'd be doing for the kingdom I would have laughed it off. With some Holy Spirit prompting and encouragement from my wife, friends, and family, music is exactly what I ended up pursuing. Doubts daily plagued my mind that maybe I was too old to start such a new endeavor. After realizing the ability baseball gave me to stay focused and disciplined on a repetitive task, and Carla and I losing our first child to miscarriage out came the intense passion needed to grow me toward a music ministry.

I believe I am not the only one out there that has recognized how God many times will give us natural abilities in things that in the long run we are not called to. This one thing alone may scare many out of fulfilling their calling in life. I remember being so nervous and scared pursuing something as different for me as music and singing, but knowing that it could bring such healing and encouragement to others with God's leading. It's the natural abilities though that will often help us through the rough and rocky seasons of what He has called us into for the kingdom. They give us the tools needed to stay sustainable and not grow weary of the good that we are drawn to.

You might have something stirring in you, but your reading this thinking I'm to old, or I don't have the right skills, maybe I have to have a degree, what do I have that people will need, I'm not strong enough, or whatever else. These are some of the things that all different age groups and ethnic backgrounds thought when God called them in the old and new testaments. David was great at worshipping, writing music, and tending sheep, but yet other than a few times for King Saul he was never a worship leader. Have you ever pondered that David wrote most of the psalms and yet that was not his calling? He was called to kingship and being a brave leader after the heart of God. His worship however was what strengthened, sustained, and guided him in much of his decisions. Paul was a leader by nature and good at it, even if for the wrong reasons. Then in one swift kick off a horse he was called by Jesus to preaching and evangelizing the gospel, and mostly to people who hadn't previously followed him. Esther was a commoner who was called to be Queen. Joseph was good at being an obedient and pesky little brother. He was called to be a prince of Egypt and his brothers. Peter was great at fishing and hard work, but as we know his calling was to preach, evangelize, and lead the first church. Finally one of the most over looked is Mary who was a peasant girl called to be the mother to the savior of the world. Wow! The list goes on and on, and I believe continues with the person you see every morning in the mirror.

You may be thinking God there is something You have caused to stir in me, but I am just a ballplayer, fisherman, businessman, stay home mom, younger brother, or construction worker, but God has given you these qualities to help sustain you in some way during times of desperation for Him in what He has truly called you to. God has proven over and over that it is never too late. There is not one of these bible leaders that did not feel inadequate in their calling even though they were good at other things. Ask the Lord what are you asking me to do for you in my small bit of faith. When do You want me to act on it? For when people have asked and acted on those two things; giants have tumbled, kingdoms have been saved, thousands have received the gospel, waters have parted, countless have been healed, and the Savior was born.