Who Is Ian Kristofer

Waking up in the late hours of the night to write down a song idea was common for many years of Ian’s life, however playing an instrument and singing was a dream locked deep in a guarded heart. Coming from a very musically talented family, living in a small town in Alaska, and being known as an athlete only kept the thoughts of being able…”to measure up” artistically running through his mind constantly. This paralyzed any movement of letting God’s creativity out of Ian for many years. It was not until coming home on his birthday in 2001 from work and finding a guitar on the bed with a note from his wife saying “God is telling you to do something you should do it!” that ignited the courage to move forward in all the Lord had for him. He has been performing and sharing musical testimony ever since. Ian has shared the stage with artists such as Ryan Hunt, Hans Olson, Nate Huss, Mia Koehne, Faith By Fire, Randy Thompson, Andy Gonzales, and Jesse Colter performing in Large festivals, High Schools, Celebrate Recoveries, bars and coffee houses, and even hospitals and homes. The last 12 months has been full of releasing a debut album “Tomorrow” in May and sharing it’s message of hope all over North and South America.  Ian is a passionate songwriter and worshipper who shares the story of Jesus wherever God takes him. Ian has the ability to welcome all into an atmosphere of grace by using humor and vulnerability. Through his music he shares the messiness of his own spiritual life on the journey that God has taken him on already. Ian currently resides in Phoenix, Az with his bride Carla and three boys and they are currently preparing to release Ian's 2nd album "When Love Compels" as well as a move to Mozambique to become missionaries with IReach Africa.

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