Tuesday, October 20, 2015


This morning I walked this road with Abba (God The Father).  The first thing I saw on this journey today was a water well. Gathered around this rare resource was a mom and three children. The children worked together to pump the pump and fill the large oil buckets used for water. The oldest child helped the mother get the water onto her head to walk back and the other children grabbed smaller buckets to start back as well. I continued down the road and noticed on my left a large machamba (field) where a young mom and her two children were working. Down the road further a mom walked her probably 8 year old daughter, who had a 3 year old attached to her back, toward the school. Then the mom went down the road herself with two other women. The scene continued to play out in front and on the sides of me as I witnessed three other families; all moms and children hoeing in the fields with their kids sometimes infants just sitting next to them as they worked early in the morning.
As my friend Sam has said to me many times in different ways the last few months that our
world view leads to our beliefs and our beliefs grow our values and our values grow our practices. It would not take long for a small child to walk the road I did this morning and have their world view in Mozambique all figured out. Where are the Fathers? Where are the men? When I got to the end of my walk I stopped and pulled out my bible and prayed....I prayed and spent time....with my good, good Father! I was reminded of the mission. We are to go and tell the world that there is a good good Father, and that He sees them. He sees them working in the field with their kids, and that though their men and fathers and husbands are absent, He is not absent. He will not forsake them! Abba will smile down on them and cause the rain and sun to shine on and water them. As I walked I pondered; God what can I do about this? He whispered to me, "Ian you can wave at them, and say hi, and show them they are noticed...even by the most unlikely person, at the most unlikely time, they are noticed, and I have sent you to notice them."


  1. Yes amen good word even the simplest things at times speaks more than we know.

  2. Yes amen good word even the simplest things at times speaks more than we know.